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Summer is coming and days are so hot. Summer also means that BLAST anime is coming soon.
In many anime magazines is possible finding illustrations about BLAST anime.

Recently a Saiyuki shop opened in Tokyo. 
It was possible buying many items about BLAST anime.


From 2nd to 7th August, at Matsuzakaya Nagoya Main Building will be held a show dedicated to Saiyuki 20° Anniversary with many Minekura-sensei's drawings.

Ticket price is 1000 yen but the ones for students are cheaper (800 yen for students in general, 600 yen for students of Uninversity and high school, 300 yen for students of middle school).
Opening: from 10:00 AM since 7:30 PM.
From 4th August since 3rd September will open a Saiyuki Café: Saiyuki RELOAD BLAST Café in Harajuku.

It will be possible buying drinks and foods dedicated to Saiyuki main characters.
Ticket price: 3000 yen.
Obviously all these events are planned since Saiyuki Anime will bring new popularity to the series.
Speaking about Anime, two new characters have been added to the Cast: Tamuro and the singing woman, both from the first chapter of BLAST.

Date: 2017-06-22 01:16 am (UTC)
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Well, hopefully all this attention on the series will promote some more regular updates on the manga.

I don't recall either of the two characters that were added. I guess I will have to go back and read it!


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