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Sorry for the long silence but I was very busy with the work on my University thesis and my graduation day that happened at the beginning of March.
Some Saiyuki updates have been left behind, so I'll try to collect all the important news in this post.
At the end of January, even if ZeroSum cover had been drawn by Minekura-sensei, didn't contain any Saiyuki chapter.

As far as I've understood, since then, Saiyuki is on hiatus because no datas have been revealed about a next one.
Moreover, Saiyuki BLAST vol.3 that was announced for 5th April, has been postponed to June.
While manga is stopped, some info have been given about anime: after the character design of main characters, also some secondary characters have been showed:

Kanzeon Bosatsu


Sai Tai Tsui

Yesterday, 23 March, Minekura-sensei turned 42 years old and this is a genga she drew for celebrate the anniversary of Copic:

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At Saiyuki FESTA 2017 they showed the first trailer of BLAST anime!

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Here an official art about Saiyuki RELOAD BLAST anime!
It will be broadcast starting from July 2017 and will be directed by Hideaki Nakano for Platinum Vision studio.
What do you think about character design?

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Saiyuki RELOAD BLAST vol.3 will be published in Japan on 5th April 2017 (for Goku's birthday)! And here you can admire a video about Minekura-sensei at work:

Minekura-sensei draws herself:

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Even a bit late, I wish you all a MERRY CHRISTMAS! I hope all of you spent a beautiful day together with your family, friends and all you love!
ZeroSum of this month unfortunately will have not a Saiyuki chapter but Minekura-sensei showed on her Twitter page all the illustrations within the card box:

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Here you can find out all the goods that will be released at Saiyuki FESTA 2017!
Saiyuki Pamphlet: 3000 yen A4 (52 pages)

Set of postcards (24): 1500 yen B6

Tapestry: 1500 yen A3

Art-print set: 1000 yen B4 (Set A: Saiyuki; Set B: Saiyuki Gaiden) 10 sheets each.

Keychain: 1000 yen each 10x10cm

T-shirt YMCA: 3000 yen

T-shirt Panda drawn by Sanzo: 3000 yen

Travel tag: 1000 yen 65x240mm

Towel: 1000 yen 25x25cm

Bag: 500 yen A3

coasters: 1500 yen 53x53mm (not sure they are coasters...)

Set of goods: 12500 yen (tote bag+Saiyuki kagekiden Photo Book+tape+MiniCalendar+2 special cards)

Tote bag: 2000 yen
Saiyuki Kagekiden Photo book: 3500 yen (60 pages)
Set of masking tape set: 1000 yen 15mmx10cm
Mini-calendar: 1000 yen
Special cards 2 sets: 2500 yen each
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As far as I understood, Minekura-sensei wrote on her Twitter page that this month will be not any Saiyuki BLAST chapter in ZeroSum magazine.
Next chapter will be published (maybe) at the end of December.
Here you can see Saiyuki 2017 Calendar with the bonus illustration you can get pre-ordering it from Movic.

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Finally detailed news about Saiyuki Reload BLAST ARTFX J Genjo Sanzo figures by Kotobukiya.
It will be released on April 2017. Price is 14800 yen for Limited and 13000 for Standard.

You can see all the pics on the official website.
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Today is Gojyo's birthday and Minekura-sensei celebrates it with this beautiful illustration!

Here you can see Saiyuki 2017 Calendar cover!

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Saiyuki RELOAD BLAST chapter has been released and it is 28 pages long! Moreover next month will be published a new chapter on ZeroSum. I think that soon we will can find the third tankobon on sale!

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THEN....- 2 days to the new Saiyuki RELOAD BLAST chapter!!!

I really hope we'll find out more about the mysterious masked guy who appaered at the end of the last chapter!
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Moreover special gadgets will be created for the occasion. In a part of the event (only on 7th January) will be present Saiyuki seiyuu as presenters for a special performance.

The show with original drawings and "shopping area" will be held on 7th and 8th January:

Date and hours:

07/01/2017 (Saturday), 8 (Sunday)

Location of the show:

Makuhari Messe International Exhibition Hall 4-6

Opening hours:

On 7th January: starting from 9:00 to 21:00 (last admission at 20)
On 8th January: starting from 10:00 to 17:00 (last admission at 16)


For taking part to the show you have to buy tickets:
For both data (7th and 8th January) ticket price will be 2000 yen in a SPECIAL OFFER (until stock, limited number) on Minekura-sensei website starting from 14th October.

For day 7th ticket will have the image of Sanzo Ikkou
For day 8th ticket will have the image of Gaiden Ikkou

If you are not registered on or you can't get the special offer, you can get the tickets:

In preorder: 1500 yen (tax included) at day.

Directly on the data of the show: 1800 yen (tax included) at day.

On 8th January will be held a mini-stange in which will be present some actors from Saiyuki Kagekiden and will be showed a little play.
(presence of actors is not sure, maybe I misunderstood)


Opening of admission: 12:00; Lifting of the curtain: 13:00
Opening of admission: 16:00; Lifting of the curtain: 17:00
(timetables could be changed)

Special guests of this event: Seki Toshihiko, Soichiro Hoshi, Hirata Hiroaki, Akira Ishida.

To take part at this special event (different from the show that will be held in both days) you have to buy another tickets for seats (8000 yen).

Unlike SAIYUKI FESTA'09, this time also the admission to the "shopping area" will need the purchase of the ticket for the show.
The tickets for the special event with seiyu and the one for the show are different.

For more information about SAIYUKI FESTA 2017:

For more information about presale of tickets you can contact support area:

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Here the new ZeroSum cover. The magzine will be in the stores starting from tomorrow! A new Saiyuki BLAST chapter will be in it! I hope for a long chapter. Moreover we'll have more news about Saiyuki 20°Anniversary!
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Waiting for the chapter news, here some avatars (40) that is possible downloading...they are so kawaii!

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Here the cover of Zerosum 9!

The four illustrations used for the cover look like the ones of the trailer.
The announcement within contains over 6 pages of news.
I hope for a longer chapter!
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Here the waited news about Saiyuki: BLAST will have an Anime version!
And for celebrate the 20th Anniversary of the series, will be held a SaiyukiFESTA2017!
Here the trailer announcment

and HERE Ichijinsha special page.
What do you think about these?

Latest news

Jul. 9th, 2016 01:02 am
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I'm a bit late but I was very busy in these latest months so I cannot update my Journal. But here the latest important updates from Minekura-World.
For the 14th Anniversary of ZeroSum, Minekura-sensei drew this genga. Even if, until now, for 2016 she didn't draw any chapter, she said that on ZeroSum of this month she will draw a chapter, the cover and a coloured illustration.

They are working on a Sanzo action figure and this is the preview of the pose. I can't wait to see it!

Since 1th July on Animate Ikebukuro there is this special genga for its 30th Anniversary!

On 27th July will be released the BOX of the illustrations dedicated to Saiyuki.

Tomorrow will open Saiyuki Café dedicated to Saiyuki RELOAD BLAST and Gaiden. Minekura-sensei realized a genga...

...and coasters!

A new announcement about Saiyuki will be revealed on next Zerosum! Have you any idea about it?

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Here two new illustrations from Minekura-sensei Twitter's page:

This one was created for the birthday of a seiyu (?) who worked for Saiyuki anime, or at least, I guess it was.

The secon one was created for the release of Saiyuki Gensoumaden anime box.

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From Minekura-sensei twitter page, 4 new drawings of our main characters.

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Here 2 new illustrations from the Twitter page of Minekura-sensei and both dedicated to Genjo Sanzo!

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