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2017-07-09 02:40 pm

Merchandise and news about the second episode

After the release of first anime episode, on twitter they say the second one will have an original story different from manga.
Here the cover of the first CD Drama that will be released on 27th September.

And here other illustrations chosen for merchandise (clear files, pins and so on...)

And here even aprons dedicated to Saiyuki anime!

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2017-06-30 12:29 pm

Neverending gadgets

New Saiyuki gadgets are going to be ready for pre-order (15th August):

- Saiyuki Phone Straps in PVC

- Saiyuki like TsumTsum

If you order the full box you can obtain Nataku as well.
The release data is October for Phone Straps and November for TsumTsum.

While starting from 6th July will be possible preordering these chara that you can hang on glasses:

And here: Sanzo, Goku, Gojyo, Hakkai, Kougaiji e Nataku are sleeping,,, (they don't appear since months...maybe that's why they looks so bored...)

And what about these ones?

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2017-06-27 08:46 pm

Saiyuki RELOAD BLAST on Crunchyroll

 Crunchyroll will stream Saiyuki RELOAD BLAST anime.
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2017-06-23 02:42 pm

No chapter even this month...

Thanks to saiikienofansub we know that ZeroSum that will be published on 28th June will not have any BLAST chapter.
But Minekura-sensei managed to draw the cover.
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2017-06-21 12:46 pm


Starting from July 29th in Japan you can buy 8 kind of phone-straps dedicated to Saiyuki anime.

They are chibis, since, at the moment, fans prefer chibi design to the original one created for Saiyuki RELOAD BLAST anime.
These chibis come out from a decorated egg just like...Hatchimals!

They will be available in vending machines.

Also a tote-bag will be selled:

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2017-06-17 02:01 pm

Saiyuki BLAST two new events!

Summer is coming and days are so hot. Summer also means that BLAST anime is coming soon.
In many anime magazines is possible finding illustrations about BLAST anime.

Recently a Saiyuki shop opened in Tokyo. 
It was possible buying many items about BLAST anime.


From 2nd to 7th August, at Matsuzakaya Nagoya Main Building will be held a show dedicated to Saiyuki 20° Anniversary with many Minekura-sensei's drawings.

Ticket price is 1000 yen but the ones for students are cheaper (800 yen for students in general, 600 yen for students of Uninversity and high school, 300 yen for students of middle school).
Opening: from 10:00 AM since 7:30 PM.
From 4th August since 3rd September will open a Saiyuki Café: Saiyuki RELOAD BLAST Café in Harajuku.

It will be possible buying drinks and foods dedicated to Saiyuki main characters.
Ticket price: 3000 yen.
Obviously all these events are planned since Saiyuki Anime will bring new popularity to the series.
Speaking about Anime, two new characters have been added to the Cast: Tamuro and the singing woman, both from the first chapter of BLAST.

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2017-06-07 12:41 pm

More illustrations for -Bullets-

Here other illustrations by Minekura-sensei about -Bullets- DVD.
They are so cute! we know even more why Saiyuki BLAST chapters have been postponed lately...

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2017-06-02 01:01 pm

Saiyuki BLAST Anime DVD and Blu-Ray front&back covers

Here 8 new drawings by Minekura-sensei created for front&back cover of Anime DVDs.
Yeah, will be released 4 DVDs and Blu-Ray for Saiyuki BLAST anime. They will contain 3 episodes each for a total of 12 episodes.

DVD released datas:
DVD 1: 23rd August
DVD 2: 27th Septmeber
DVD 3: 25th October
DVD 4: 29th November
As you can notice, front&back cover show our main characters of present and past.
Every DVD will contain many extra and the price is 10,000 yen each (for DVDs) 11,000 yen each (for Blu-Ray).

On 28th June will be released DVD Saiyuki Kagekiden - The Movie - Bullets with this cover:

and its CD:

Here, you can see the chara-design of 2 new characters: Dokugakuji and Nataku.

It hurts seeing Minekura-sensei drawings near to anime ones...
Here you can see Chibi Saiyuki-boys "tired" that will be used as phone-strap.

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2017-05-19 01:05 pm

Gaiden chara!

Here Gaiden characters for BLAST anime and a chibi-Nataku!
As we know, the BLAST OP is sung by GRANRODEO but the ED will be by Luck Life.

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2017-05-12 11:30 am

Saiyuki RELOAD BLAST Anime PV 2

New PV for Saiyuki RELOAD BLAST anime for make us listen to the new opening song by GRANRODEO. So no many animations are new but we can listen also a bit of dubbing.

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2017-05-11 03:37 pm

Saiyuki Summary

For those who don't remember the full Saiyuki story 'cause the long hiatus between a chapter and another one, here Kanzeon Bosatsu helps us with a long summary about the journey since Gaiden events until now!

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2017-05-11 01:12 am

More about Saiyuki Anime

On 24th June will be released these phone straps:

We can see also the chara of Gaiden anime chibis.
In the same data, will be released also stand pops and dog-tags of main characters.

Moreover, waiting for Saiyuki Anime, all manga tankobon will be re-printed in 5 boxes on 5th July:

Saiyuki Gensoumaden 1-4
Saiyuki Gensoumaden 5-9
Saiyuki RELOAD 1-5
Saiyuki RELOAD 6-10
Saiyuki Gaiden+Ibun 4+1

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2017-05-09 11:31 am

Saiyuki Anime ichibankuji

New items about Saiyuki anime will be released starting from 12nd August!
They will be available thanks to a lottery that is linked to Ministop, bookstore, Animate etc...
The items are towels, phone strap, poster, genga and one of the illustrations on them is the image below!

Actually I still don't like the chara of this anime ç_ç What about you?
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2017-05-03 07:49 pm

Saiyuki café and still to wait for BLAST vol.3!

A Saiyuki café opened in Tokyo since 26th April. It is mainly dedicated to Saiyuki BLAST anime.

And...the relase data of Saiyuki RELOAD BLAST vol.3 was postponed it is scheduled for 31st July.
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2017-04-01 12:14 am

April Fools' Day

Today, Saiyuki BLAST anime website posted this illustration with the 4 Saiyuki boys with the clothes of the main characters of Journey to the West by Wu Cheng'en!

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2017-03-25 01:53 pm

Sorry for the late

Sorry for the long silence but I was very busy with the work on my University thesis and my graduation day that happened at the beginning of March.
Some Saiyuki updates have been left behind, so I'll try to collect all the important news in this post.
At the end of January, even if ZeroSum cover had been drawn by Minekura-sensei, didn't contain any Saiyuki chapter.

As far as I've understood, since then, Saiyuki is on hiatus because no datas have been revealed about a next one.
Moreover, Saiyuki BLAST vol.3 that was announced for 5th April, has been postponed to June.
While manga is stopped, some info have been given about anime: after the character design of main characters, also some secondary characters have been showed:

Kanzeon Bosatsu


Sai Tai Tsui

Yesterday, 23 March, Minekura-sensei turned 42 years old and this is a genga she drew for celebrate the anniversary of Copic:

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2017-01-07 12:44 pm

FIRST Saiyuki RELOAD BLAST trailer!

At Saiyuki FESTA 2017 they showed the first trailer of BLAST anime!

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2017-01-05 05:04 pm

Saiyuki RELOAD BLAST Anime

Here an official art about Saiyuki RELOAD BLAST anime!
It will be broadcast starting from July 2017 and will be directed by Hideaki Nakano for Platinum Vision studio.
What do you think about character design?

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2016-12-28 12:47 pm

Saiyuki RELOAD BLAST vol.3 in April and a video byb Minekura-sensei

Saiyuki RELOAD BLAST vol.3 will be published in Japan on 5th April 2017 (for Goku's birthday)! And here you can admire a video about Minekura-sensei at work:

Minekura-sensei draws herself: